Petition Update – General Manager of Concord Hospital Responds

I posted this directly in the petition yesterday but thought I should reshare it here as well, in case it was missed –

OCT 12, 2017 — Earlier today, the General Manager of Concord Hospital, Dr. Steevie Chan, came to see me and very graciously expressed his unequivocal support for my continued presence at the market and for Noah’s right to be there. He said a lot of other things but I don’t want to inadvertently misquote him. Suffice it to say that I no longer feel as if my market stall operation is in jeopardy. Thank you so much for those who have signed the petition and please continue to show your support so we can help raise awareness and send a message to the outliers that this kind of display of intolerance is unacceptable.



I am humbled by the thousands who have expressed their support since I started the petition less than 3 days ago, and grateful for the outreach by Dr. Steevie Chan and Concord Hospital.

In this day and age we pay a lot of lip service to issues around workplace flexibility, parents returning to the workforce and reducing welfare dependency among single parents. That’s why it’s important to continue to share this petition – it’s so that others who come after me may see that society as a whole backs their initiatives rather than try to hamper them through the kind of malicious actions like what I have encountered in my situation.

5 thoughts on “Petition Update – General Manager of Concord Hospital Responds

  1. What a strong, wonderful mother you are to Noah! Some mothers would have just given up on their DS child but you are great in pursuing to raise him… to you and Noah xoxoxo


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