Jackie M Tang worked as an I.T. consultant for many years in Sydney and London, and was a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Administrator and Certified Novell Administrator primarily in merchant banking and insurance environments.

In 2001, she gave up her career in tech to follow in her parents’ footsteps as a street food hawker, selling Malaysian food initially at markets all across Sydney and subsequently opening a restaurant in the inner west suburb of Concord.

Jackie is a sole parent to Noah, her child with Down Syndrome who spent the first 217 days of his life in hospital. In early 2013, shortly after Noah’s discharge from hospital, Jackie closed down her restaurant to care for him, with the expectation that she could continue selling her food at the markets. Through pressure by some quarters of the Australian public about the presence of Noah at her pop-up stalls, she has had to give up most of that. Today, she mostly creates food content online.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, where she studied German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Indonesian. In addition to these languages, Jackie grew up speaking 2 Chinese dialects (Hakka and Cantonese), and learned Malay, English and a smattering of Mandarin at school in Malaysia.

More about Jackie can be found at www.JackieM.com.au

More about Baby Noah can be found at Jackie’s personal blog – www.SerembanGirl.com



5 thoughts on “About Jackie M

  1. Jackie you are a very brave mom. God sees your sacrifice for your child. I m so touched to read your story and lil Noah is so privilege to have you as a mom. May God give you great favor in all you do.


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